The Tribe Code: 7 Cheat Codes to Bombassmomness

by Massa Washington

Calling all Bomb Ass Moms, Bomb Ass Moms in training and our Village!

Here are Seven cheat codes grounded in mindful living that have helped me tremendously in achieving and maintaining my mommy balance. I hope these little nuggets will help you or a Bomb Ass Mom you know achieve and maintain her bombassmomness.

Code 1: Be true to yourself

Motherhood is not the end of being who you really are; its the beginning of discovering who you could truly be.

Code 2: Prioritize those who prioritize you

Put God first, your child second, yourself third and everything else after.

Code 3: Secure the bag

Live for today but plan for tomorrow.

Code 4: It takes a village to raise a child

Get and keep a core team of individuals who genuinely love you and your child and will contribute in various ways to you all's wellbeing.

Code 5: Maintain Balance

A mom with a sharp mind, healthy body, pure soul and active social life is a happy mom.

Code 6: Be Impressively Impactful

Talk, look and act like the most important role model in your child's life, because you are.  

Code 7: Be Substantially Lit!!!

Take muva'who breaks/vacations as often as necessary and/or possible to maintain your peace, happiness and sanity.

  • muva'who (verb/noun): being fully engaged in actions that are completely unrelated to motherhood. A woman who appears to be too lit to be a mother, but she is.

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