Chief Mommy in Charge

Welcome to Bomb Ass Mom and Company. A community, which I prefer to call a Village for moms (hopeful, soon to be, and current). I created this Village and brand as a platform for connecting and empowering the Tribe of women who are navigating the obstacles and triumphs of the various phases of motherhood. A Bomb Ass Mom is a mother striving to be the best version of herself, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially and so much more, and doing it first and foremost for herself. 
My name is Mass Washington, I am a Liberian native, but was raised and currently reside in Oakland California with my two very active children.
I've quickly learned that the key to mom life and sanity is balance. Balance of time, balance of energy, balance of spirit, balance of finances, and most importantly the balance of remaining true to yourself while consistently seeking to elevate to your better or best self. 

I chose the name "Bomb Ass Mom & Company" on Mother's Day of all days, due to messages from many of my fellow mothers, as well as non mothers who are regularly in aw at the fact that I'm a very hands on mother, maintain a full time career, run a couple of businesses, avidly travel, and literally the queen of getting and keeping things lit. I always tell people that for me, motherhood wasn't the end of me being who I really am, it was the beginning of discovering who I could truly be.

On Mother's Day of 2021 as I received messages after messages, a few that read you're such a bomb ass mom resinated with me thus sparking the thought to package all that I do under the brand Bomb Ass Mom.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a spectacular network of people to assist a woman in maintaining her  "Bomb Ass Mom" status.

I am so blessed and forever grateful for my village and network.

"The greatest gift you could give yourself and the world.. is becoming your best you."

- Massa Washington

Please feel free to email me personally at or with any questions, thoughts, or for collaborations.

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